A Guide to Navigating Difficult Tenant Rent Collection Situations in Flint, Michigan

A Guide to Navigating Difficult Tenant Rent Collection Situations in Flint, Michigan

Did you know that landlords have had more difficulty collecting rent in recent years?

Even with extensive tenant screening, difficult tenants are inevitable. One of the most challenging aspects of handling such tenants is rent collection.

Continue reading to learn more about strategies on how to collect rent from difficult tenants in Flint, Michigan.

Be Transparent About Your Expectations and Rules

Being clear and transparent about your expectations with tenants is imperative. From day one, explain your rent policy in detail. Discuss what penalties your tenants may face if they do not abide by your policy.

If a tenant disagrees with your policy, he or she may not be a good fit for your rental property. While exceptions can be made at your discretion, it is not wise to deviate from your policy often. Having a firm rent policy will keep your tenants in check.

Fairness Is Key

Be fair with your tenants, as unexpected situations can occur. As highlighted above, it is important to remain firm with your rental policy, however, it is also important to show empathy and understanding to your tenants.

If a challenging tenant is trying to take advantage of your empathy, do not waver from your rental policy. Be strict and make sure they face the consequences of their actions.

Depending on the circumstance and the tenant's behavior, you may want to give them a second chance. Showing fairness may help them become a better tenant. If you give tenants a second chance and do not see improvement, eviction may be the best next step.


Incentivizing challenging tenants to pay their rent on time has great benefits. Incentivization may be the push they need to prioritize their rent.

From providing one-time rent discounts to gift cards to appliance stores, little rewards can go a long way. Incentivizing shows that you care and want to build a long-term relationship with your tenants.

Documentation and Records

When handling any tenant, it is essential that you keep interactions and contracts well documented. Having paper evidence can help you keep tenants accountable.

If they signed a legally binding contract, they are legally required to fulfill it. When a challenging tenant starts to disobey you or breaks from their rental contract, remind them and show them the contract they signed.

Having documentation is especially helpful if legal intervention is required. If you sue your tenant for breach of contract, documentation is hard evidence.

Property Managers Can Assist with Rent Collection and More

Handling challenging tenants is never an easy process. An experienced property manager can assist you with rent collection, penalties, and incentivization.

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