How We Screen Tenants With a Tenant Criminal Background Check

How We Screen Tenants With a Tenant Criminal Background Check

Real estate has long been among the most solid investments that you can make. If you want to turn your investment property into a consistent stream of income, renting it out is an excellent way to go.

Studies indicate that more than 35% of households in the United States rent, rather than own their homes. In renting out a property, you'll need to find high-quality tenants.

Running background checks is an integral piece of the puzzle. These tips will help you learn more about the steps involved with a criminal background check and screening.

It Starts With a Rental Analysis

One of the first things we'll do for you is provide a rental analysis. This rental analysis provides free information about your property and the surrounding neighborhood. It's completely free and offered under no obligation.

It'll provide you with valuable market data that can help you with your property management needs. From there, you'll learn all about the benefits of tenant screening and everything that it can deliver for you.

Identity Is Verified

Once it's time for the background criminal record check, we'll first start with verifying the candidate's identity. This is the first step of tenant placement and gives you the chance to know that they are who they say they are.

The identity verification will check the prospective tenant's social security number (SSN) and government-issued identification. It'll let you know that someone is a citizen and that they aren't committing any type of identity fraud or theft.

Tenants Are Screened for Criminal History

Next, you'll need a property management company to look into the person's criminal record. You will be able to pull all sorts of information related to any convictions, court cases, or charges that they have dealt with.

The criminal background check extends to the entire nation, so you can find convictions from other states. It'll also include a sex offender search and any information from the International Terrorism Database and other relevant crime databases.

Having access to this information allows a property manager to make an informed decision related to who they want living in their property.

A Public Record Search Is Conducted

The tenant background check also consists of several other aspects of public record searches. This includes things like civil cases, liens, bankruptcies, and foreclosure.

It will also include a national eviction search, information from any previous addresses that they have held, and their credit score. Having access to public record search information, along with a criminal background check helps to paint the entire picture so you know who you're inviting into your property.

Run a Tenant Criminal Background Check

Using a tenant criminal background check helps you land the right residents for your property. There are a variety of details involved with finding tenants and managing a property. You'll need the help of the best pros available.

Property Management Inc. can assist you the next time you need to place tenants in your property. To schedule a consult or learn more about our services, contact us on our site or call 810.210.7347.